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Born:June 25, 1884
Died:June 23, 1932

Born:February 15, 1881
Died:December 20, 1939
Wed:September 26, 1902
Charles Floyd Young and Effie Katherine Parker were married in Dover, Arkansas.  They moved from Arkansas to Colorado City, Texas in approximately 1919 with the 6 children they had at that time.  They traveled from Arkansas to Texas by way of train and the trip took 3 days.  They rented a farm when they first arrived, but Charley was able to make a "bumper crop" the first year so was then able to buy a farm. 
(excerpt from Journal of Julia F.Young Welch)
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There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children.
One is roots, the other wings.
     Quoted by Hodding Carter in Where Main Street Meets the River, 1953
A Young family outing with the Campbell kin
Family history page 
including BRINGLE and LINAM surname
Lower row (l to r): Allie Campbell (sister of Effie, Ivey Campbell, Charley and Effie
Children (only some identified l to r): 2nd from left, Golda Campbell, 4th Julia Young, 5th Charles (Bud) Young, 6th Nellie (Ned) Young, 10th Audrey Campbell.
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 Scottie Belle Young                                       Born Oct. 29, 1903                   Died Aug 12, 1904

 Claud Olen Young - Dude                             Born Dec. 3, 1904                    Died Feb. 11, 1968

Clarence Dolan Young                                   Born Sept. 20, 1906                 Died Apr 4, 1979

Nellie Pauline Young - (Ned) Gentry              Born Jan 20, 1909                   Died May 16, 1994

Julia Frances Young - (Juice) Welch              Born July 31, 1911                  Died July 19, 2000

Charles Floyd Young - (Bud)                          Born Feb 25, 1914                   Died Dec 10, 1996

Robert H. Young - (Pete)                                Born Jan 10, 1917                   Died Aug 5, 1970

William Hugh Young - (Teler)                         Born Nov 20, 1918                   Died June 6, 1982

Allie Marie Young - (Ree) Rogers                  Born Nov 2, 1922

The nicknames were give to his children by Charley Young or PaPaw as he was known to his grandchildren.
(Rememberance from Terry Young)
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