The Young Family got together every chance they could.  The following pages chronicle some of those reunions
Could this have been the first Cousins Reunion?  This may be a picture of the Campbell and Young cousins.  Could that be Audrey  and Golda Campbell with Ned Young on the back row?  That may be Bud and Julia directly behind the baby.   I think I had the wrong generation on my original look at this picture. Now  I think it was taken thee same day as the Campbell/Young picture on the HOME page.  Any thoughts? 
Young Family Reunion in Aug 1958 in Lubbock in
Clarence & Marcelle's backyard.
August 1958 From L to R - Aunt Bertha Bowden, Julia, Ned, Pete, Marie, Bud,Claud and Clarence 

Think this was taken in April 1979 after Clarence's 
funeral   Left to Right: Lucille, Bud, Marie, Barney, Ned, Julia and Teler