Born:July 31, 1911
Died : July 19, 2000

Wed:    March 20, 1937
Brown C Welch
Born:   June 18, 1911
Died:    December 5,2000
  Julia graduated from          Lubbock High School
Julia at church camp
Julia graduated from Texas Tech then took her first teaching job at Pettit, Texas in 1937. Julia on bottom row in the center
Julia and Brown 50th wedding anniversary

John Charles, Brown Welch, David, Julia, Jolene and Brown C, jr - early 1950's
John Charles, age 3, Jolene, 6 months
Johnny age 7, Jolene age 4
David, 2 months
David and Brown in Lubbock on David's 2nd birthday
Julia with Johnny 
Julia with Brown C
Jolene age 4
Julia and David
Jolene, age 5 and Johnny age 8
Brown Welch with David
David washing dishes????  Didn't think anyone would believe it unless they saw it.

Julia age 86 - taken Mother's Day in 1998
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