Born:November 2, 1922
Wed:  March 6, 1943 
William Barnard (Barney) Rogers
Barney Rogers died: May 8, 1982
Marie's high school picture
August 2002, Still pretty as ever!
Marie and Bill Rogers
What cuties - Pam, Jane Ann and Bill
Marie, Bill, Pam and Jane Ann
Barney Rogers family - Christmas 1968
Pam, Jane Ann, Bill, Marie and Barney

2001 Rogers family picture.
Front: Jane Ann Prusa, Grant Prusa (w/Lewis the Cat), Marie, Tannis Anderson
Back: Bill &Yolanda Rogers, Brad & Ann Rogers, Anthony Prusa, Brandon Prusa, Kelsey Anderson, Pam & Mike Anderson
Marie with her 3 children:
Bill Rogers in chair
Pam Anderson, Marie, Jane Ann Prusa
Marie with her 6 grandchildren
In chair, Brad Rogers, 23
Left to right: Grant Parker Prusa, 11, Ann Maree Rogers, 21, Marie, 78, Brandon Rogers Prusa, 16, Kelsey Tenniell Anderson, 16, Tannis Michael Anderson,11.
              Brad Rogers
Bill's son and Marie's oldest grandchild
Discharged 3-1-01 from the Marine Corp after serving 4 years.
             Bill Rogers family
Brad, Bill, Ann and Yolanda
             Jane Ann Rogers Prusa Family
Grant, Jane Ann, Anthony (Andy) and Brandon Prusa
Pam Rogers Anderson Family
Kelsey, Tannis, Mike and Pam Anderson
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