Born:January 20, 1909
Died:May 16, 1994
Ned in 1935 - approximately 26 yrs old
Wed:  November 5, 1932
Albert Quitman Gentry
Born:July 18, 1902
Died:May, 1962
Ned graduated from Lubbock High School
Ned in 1955 in Abernathy, Texas, where Albert was farming
The Gentry Family
Sue, Ned, Albert, Kay and Jack
Ned dressed and ready for a special wedding
What a wonderful sense of humor Ned had.  She always had great family stories to tell.
Ned wrote this story in a letter to her sister, Julia, in February, 1987
"The year John Charles was born, I know the month was November because I went over to Julia's and Brown's to help with the new baby after spending Thanksgiving at Papa's.  Julia and Brown lived at Petersburg (Texas) where Brown was pastor.  I planned to stay until the next Wednesday.  I was to take Ft Worth-Denver passenger train on Wednesday night, prayer meeting night. When Brown left for the church he assured me he would get back in time to meet the train.  But.....during prayer meeting Brown and the church members heard a train whistle, of course that broke up prayer meeting.  Brown dashed to the house after me and Jack.  (I'd taken Jack with me, he was 2 or 3), Brown grabbed my bag and I slapped my hat on my head (ladies wore hats day or night), and grabbed Jack.  We went tearing off to the depot where Brown had some of the members holding the train for me.  When we got to the depot it was only a freight train.  Julia and I have had some good laughs about my having my hat on one side of my head and she was afraid to tell me about it for she was afraid I'd take time to straighten it and miss my train.  Incidentally, there no longer is a Ft Worth-Denver railroad through there. 
Jack and Sue Gentry
Jack Gentry in highschool
Ned listening to tapes
Jack and Ned Gentry
Ned with remaining brothers and sisters in late 1970s.
Lucile and Charles Young, Marie and Barney Rogers, Ned, Julia Welch, Teler Young
Jack Gentry
Born: Dec. 12, 1936
Died: Dec. 15, 2000
Kay Gentry - 3 years
Kay Gentry Wiseman - about 7 years old
Kay Gentry Wiseman family 1971
Pudd, Randy, Wendy, Linda and Kay
Wiseman Family 1974
Wendy, Kay, Pudd, Linda and Randy
Family picture at Linda and John's wedding in 1986
Pudd, Kay, Nell (Ned), Linda & John Kay, Rebecca & Randy Wiseman
Allan & Wendy Bransom
Wiseman Family 1993
Wendy Branson, Kay, Linda & John Kay, Randy Wiseman,
Pudd & Allan Branson