Born:November 20, 1918
Died:June 6, 1982
W.O. William H. Young
Wed: March 18, 1943
Lucille Dollar
     Born:   December 2, 1918
Bill, or "Teler" as he was known to his family, served on the Rhine in France during World War II.  He was decorated with the Combat Infantryman's medal and the Silver Star.  Teler joined the army in October before Pearl Harbor.  After his military service, Bill entered Bethel College in McKenzie, Tenn., and later became an ordained minister.
Snapshot from army days
Teler in his garden.  What a  "green thumb" he had.
Teler and Lucille in Hawaii to visit son Tim who was stationed there in the military. 
Teler's Roses -  One morning's cutting before putting in the refrigerator.
Bill had a few apple trees.  Lucille with some that are about ripe.  Teler gave apples to everyone around and Lucille canned alot.  Pictured in late 1970's.
Teler's tree rose pictured with his oldest grandson Seth Young.
Bill Young's casket - June 7, 1982 - 
These roses are from his garden
Lucille with family right after Bill's death.
Lucille, Tim, Jenny, Barbara, Becky, Danny and Matt
Robbie, Seth and Ryan with Bill and Mimi

Teler and Lucille Young