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On June 16, 2008, six of us cousins were able to meet in Lubbock for lunch and a visit. It was loads of fun talking about the times we had as kids and remembering all the aunts and uncles that were so important to all of us as we were growing up.  Here are some pictures we took that day.
Seated:  Kay Wiseman and Barbara Grimes
Standing Left to Right:  Sara Stroud, Patsy Nicholas, Jolene Mershon and Cindy Brecht.
Sara Stroud - Funny as always, unfailingly optimistic.
Patsy Nicolas and Cindy Brecht - Both so pretty and still's easy to be jealous but we still love them!
Barbara Grimes and Jolene Mershon - Still like to giggle after all these years!
Kay Wiseman - Works way too hard.  Puts the rest of us to shame.  Still likes to giggle too!
Kay Wiseman and Sara Stroud - Double cousins..double the fun.